Closing Letter 2021

Closing Letter 2021

October 1, 2021

Dear Campers,

It is that time of year, already, when we start to close down for the season. First, I would like to thank all of you for another great season in the park. I hope that the improvements that we make and continue to make will increase the enjoyment in the park for years to come. Secondly, again, we ask that everything be removed from your lot (except the camper.) This includes boats, golf carts, patio furniture, and so forth. If you have any questions on whether it can stay or not, then please call the office at the above number

Now for the other things I want to talk about.

Septic is coming. We have notified the places that need to be removed/moved and so forth. This is mostly confined to F section. My speculation is almost everything will be on septic in 2023 and prices will be adjusted accordingly. A section will not receive septic at this time (plans change every day) and more information will be coming to me from the contractors in the next few months.

Boat slips have become an issue and we have taken several steps to reduce down the issue. This includes no sub-leasing and approval of the office to allow someone to use your slip. We are still working on trying to get more slips but again have run into issues with DNREC on how to proceed.

Also please be advised that parking across from I section is reserved for the campers in I-10 to I-18. Also parking down at the marina is for the marina not for campers and their guests.

Golf carts must be golf carts not ATV type vehicles. We have a couple in the park that we are going to allow to be grandfathered in, but those vehicles, if sold or transfer ownership, they will need to be removed from the park. All golf carts MUST be tagged with a park tag.  No drivers under 16. You know the rules.

Any informational sheets or rule sheets can now be found on the bulletin board outside the office door.

Please do not walk through your neighbor’s campsite. It is extremely rude. Your neighbor’s property is theirs not yours. If you are not invited, then don’t be there. Respect each other’s property so this does not become an issue.

Parking. Please park your vehicles on your own lot. The road or your neighbor’s campsite is not your parking lot.

Quiet time is 11pm. This does not mean you can be as loud as you want up to 11pm, but at 11 it needs to be tuned down to respect others.

**The $100.00 deposit for boat slips/bulkheads is to assure your space. If you do not send a deposit, then you have not guaranteed your space!!

**Please note. For boat slips/bulkheads, the due dates have changed. To get the $100.00 discount, you need to pay in full by February 1st; otherwise, full payment will need to be received by March 1st. We have pushed payments up a month, so we can start calling people about empty slips by April 1st.

Again, thank you for making this season a great one, and we look forward to seeing each and every one of you in the 2022 season. Have a great off season!!

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