Opening Campground letter 2022

Opening Campground letter 2022

Dear Shawn’s Hideaway Campers,

Welcome to the 2022 season at Shawn’s Hideaway. The campground opens on Friday, April 8th and closes Sunday, October 30th. For more information, you can go to our website at

Please be aware that when you are bagging your leaves, there can be NO trash of any kind in those bags, because the leaves are taken to a leaf disposal area and not the dump. The leaves also need to be put in recyclable paper bags.

Speaking of trash, one change that must be made is that camper trash must be in regular trash cans and not in the huge trash cans that are normally lifted by a trash truck. If you have one of these, then please remove it and get an acceptable trash can. Also, we only pick up regular household trash. We will not remove any appliances, boards, etc… You will have to dispose of any larger items yourself.

Next, any camper being sold MUST be approved to be sold before selling the camper. This means you will need to fill out a right to sell form before being entitled to sell the camper on your lot. If the camper is sold WITHOUT this form, the camper will not receive a new lease, and the camper will need to be removed. We will also keep your security deposit if this occurs. We have the right to approve all tenants and are finding campers being sold without us meeting new tenants.

Important forms are enclosed in the billboard on the outside of the office including boat slip requests, new tenant applications, golf cart license plate, rules and regulations, trash pickup, and any other forms we feel are appropriate. These forms can also be found on the website.

ALL outstanding electric bills and lot rent still owed will have to be paid before your electric is turned on. Anyone who owes money, whether for electric, campground rent or both, have a letter stating what is owed in this mailing. You are responsible for your electric bill each month. If you did not receive one, then please call the office, and we can tell you what it is. You always have an electric bill once a month.

The late fee for electric bills will now be $10.00. Please make sure you are paying your electric bill when they are due, or you will receive a late fee.


There was ONLY 5 empty boat slips available this year, and more than 30 boat slip requests. There are 250 residents at Shawn’s and only 85 boat slips available. More and more people want boat slips, but it is just not possible. All boat slips have been given out for this year. For those of you who did not get a boat slip, then we will put you back on the list for next year. Again, we cannot guarantee anyone getting a boat slip. Please remember that we do have the camera system up and running at the marina just so you are aware.

The speed limit for the park roads is 10 mph. We are a quiet community with children that play on these roads, and there is absolutely no reason to be driving 15 or 20 mph (OR FASTER) down our roads. This includes golf cars adhering to the speed limit. This is your warning, in that we may not fine you, but it is a reason to not re-new a lease.

Next, DOGS!!!  Yes, your dog does nothing wrong, but it still needs to be on a leash. It only takes one situation to become a problem. Also please do NOT walk your dog on the beach. We do realize that some of you take your dogs on the boats, and that is fine for them to go across the beach to get to the boat, but simply put, we do not want nor need animals using the beach as a litterbox.

Again, welcome back and we hope that you have another great season with us. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office at the above number or email us from the website. Thank you and see you soon!!

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