Camper Septic for 2024

Camper Septic for 2024

Good afternoon,

I wanted to give an update on the septic project. The park will be on septic starting in 2024. We will be bringing permanent septic to B-C-E-F sections. People in A section will still have to use their portable tanks to the dump station since we could not get septic down that far. After the closing of the campground, contractors will start placing in the connections for the campers. Campers will hook up using a flex pipe just like they currently do to their portable tanks.

Obviously since those lots will be going to septic there will be a substantial increase in lot rent. I want to forewarn campers in those sections (B-C-E-F) that you will see between a $350-$550 dollar seasonal increase due to septic. Currently G-H-I sections are $300 dollars higher than non-septic lots. Unfortunately, those will also see some increase since going on county septic will be incurring an increase in payment.

This year when preparing to close your camper, please take the time to make sure your sheds are not on the lines and please take everything off your lot.

Please feel free to shoot us an e-mail and we will try to answer your questions.


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