Park News

Park News

Welcome to the 2021 season at Shawn’s Hideaway. The campground is back to its usual opening and closing dates. The campground opens Friday April 9th and closes Sunday October 31st. We have started a website for more information at Even though there is a vaccine out there, the State of Delaware still has most… Read more »

Quiet Time

Quiet time is 11 pm. So this is your warning. I am tired of the complaints lately about people partying all hours of the night and urinating out in the street. So if I have to deal with this, the solution is simple. You will be asked to leave the park. We don’t need you…. Read more »

Dogs and leashes

To clarify about dogs and leashes, ALL DOGS MUST BE ON A LEASH at all times. If your dog is on your LOT, it still needs to be restrained by a tether and MUST STAY in the boundaries of your lot. NO DOGS SHOULD BE UNLEASHED AT ANY TIME! Dogs are also not allowed on the beach EXCEPT… Read more »